Interviews try to put you in a box.

Recently got a rejection letter from a job I really wanted. I completed their 30-min phone interview and completed the in-person interview that was two hours long. Most of the interview went well, but I think they ultimately turned me down after hearing my answers to the rather personal, “get to know me” questions. I forgot to talk about the me that enjoys working hard and loves learning new things. Instead, I told them too much about my personal issues and ended up presenting myself as an emotionally unstable person who cannot be depended on. I have a lot of issues, lack of self-confidence, propensity for self-deprecation, and random, unbridled honesty to name a few. Basically all of the worst traits to show during an interview.

The important thing here is that I know I have learned and grown a whole lot. I have always been aware of my flaws while ignoring or downplaying my accomplishments (which is another flaw). I have struggled my whole life to recognize them and work on them. I should be proud of who I am and who I have become. My personal issues do not translate over negatively to my work ethic, it enhances it. My compassion and empathy for others allow me to analyze the situation and adjust to the individual work styles and demands. I am a problem solver who is constantly trying to find the weak parts and make them stronger. I am flexible and adaptable and my awareness of self and others enable me to aid others effectively.

Interviews try to put people in a box for fast processing, but I’m not a box. I am at least a squiggle at my worst and a Jackson Pollock at my best.


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